Maric Media is an Australian based music and entertainment company, run by Chris Maric and specialising in Artist Services, Skilled PR campaigns, Consultancy and Advice.

Maric Media has over 22 years of experience working with clients at all levels from garage bands to the worlds biggest music promoters and festivals. It is well placed in the industry and offers a range of services depending on your needs.


The Fourth Rune* is a Consultation Service offered by Maric Media for emerging independent musicians, entertainment outlets (venues, cafes, new businesses etc) and anyone looking for DIY advice and direction that might not be quite ready for a full blown PR campaign. From advice on the right path when starting out or for established acts looking to take the next step, don't rush into a campaign without a solid plan. 

A direct consulting session will help pinpoint exactly where you are on the curve and what steps to take next.  

Consultancy calls are done either over the phone or in person and are open ended. Maric Media won’t cap your call at the end of an hour and then charge you for another if you want to continue. The goal is to help you with the foundations of what you need to go to get the ball rolling so that later campaigns are that much more effective. 
Sessions are followed up with a worksheet outlining your next steps and Maric Media will work closely with you to ensure you’re making progress

Email to book a consult now.

Maric Media
 also offers established bands, labels and promoters various publicity and promotions packages to suit their individual needs. 
From bio and press release writing, to promoting a one off event all the way up to a full domestic or international PR campaign for an album release or tour involving top tier media and marketing strategies.

Maric Media can also advise and help arrange the local or global distribution of your release for retail sale.

You don’t spend your entire working life in the one industry and remain an island. The people at Maric Media know alot of people. While PR is typically about the bridge between artist and media, Maric Media can help with endorsements, finding a lighting guy or even a bass player at short notice, sorting overseas travel, booking a tour, introductions to that hard to get to promoter.
Maric Media can hook you up. 

Whatever it is you need, Maric Media is an email or phone call away

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In Nordic Mythology
Ansuz is the Fourth Rune in the Runic alphabet and is a symbol of inspiration of listening to the Universe to finding the right words before speaking the reason before taking action. Ansuz is also related to the power of the spoken word passing on knowledge and using language to manifest what is needed and communicate in the right ways. 

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