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Maric Media is an Australian based Publicity and Promotions company completely dedicated to getting maximum exposure and results for Record Labels, Promoters and Independent Artists both domestic and international.

With nearly 20 years experience in the Australian entertainment industry, Chris Maric has spent nearly all of his adult life doing what he loves and built a fairly impressive contact list along the way!

Since 1998, Chris has continually built his career and reputation at some of the nations most high profile music companies. Holding Publicity, Aritst Relations and Radio Manager positions at Network TEN, Sony Music Australia, Universal Music Australia, EMI and Riot Entertainment before launching Maric Media in April 2013.

Maric Media works tirelessly for its extensive list of global clients and is proud to represent them all!

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Spent too much time on Twitter and forgotten how to write? Give me an info dump on your band and I can convert it into a short, sharp bio that gets your message across. Tip: No-one gives a shit that you met the bass player at a gig and started jamming in your mum’s garage with some other bloke he knew and you spent a year playing at the local pub before anything happened. 
Make it short and snappy and about the music. Save the back story for your book.

Maybe you don't need the whole package. Maybe you just need news of your album/gig/tour to be spread to the right people to get the message out. A PRs media list is their most guarded asset, mine included (even though they are pretty much all the same list!) Give me your press release, or I can write it up, and send it out to the right media for the job.

You're releasing your brand new shit hot record and need some reviews and exposure. You could mail them all out and hope for the best or you could hire someone like me who does stuff like that all day everyday and can make sure its delivered either digitally or physically or both to the media far and wide. Along with your bio, pretty pictures and other stuff.
Plus I can give your awesome single to the powers that be in radio (and TV if you have a clip).

Album service not enough for you? You need more exposure than that? I can service your album for reviews and airplay and also get you on the phone with the right media so you can tell the world how good it is and put the link on your social pages too. Depending on what you are doing, this can be completely INTERNATIONALNational or locally focused right down to one city if you happen to be doing a small tour, for example.

Or you can just do it all and have all of the above taken care of plus a bit more. I can handle the promo and if you need banners and press ads made, media ads bookedmarketing plans drawn up and general advice and support I can complete the package which can potentially include arranging distribution of your release for retail sale.

The choice is yours. Contact me to discuss your needs and budget.

Network TEN: National Publicist
Sony Music Australia: Promotions Manager Epic Records/Artists Relations Manager Sony
Universal Music Australia: Promotions Manager for NSW
EMI Music: TV & Radio Promotions Manager - Capital Records
Riot Entertainment: Promotions & Artist Relations Manager
Maric Media: All of the above

Rock and Metal was merged with my DNA some time in 1986 when I was 9 years old and heard my first riff. It's been downhill ever since. With music as my driving force throughout high school and university, I always knew it would be my career.

After working in music retail since I was old enough to have a job, I finished my Degree in Communication & Marketing and set off collecting a huge pile of rejection letters. Having gotten bored with that I scored my first real industry job in the publicity department of Network TEN in Sydney and quickly sank my teeth into everything I could get my hands on. It was while looking after the show 'House Of Hits' with Molly Meldrum that I started to cross paths with people in the music industry and before too long made the shift to Sony Music where I became the Promotions Manager for Epic Records, and then an Artist Relations Manager for Sony in general. For the next few years I worked non-stop on promo tours, in-stores and album launches for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Delta Goodrem, Ben Folds, Good Charlotte, Something For Kate, Jebediah, Killing Heidi, Mudvayne, Drowning Pool, SOAD and countless others in-between. When I say it was non-stop, I mean it. The cycles never ended and usually most days involved working with at least two or three different international and local artists.

After Sony, Universal Music was my next stop where I did the exact same stuff. I got a plaque for my Australian PR work on Metallica's St Anger and got to work with the band on their 2004 tour, along with too many other artists to list (or remember).

After Universal came EMI and it was while I was there that the initial seeds of starting my own PR company were sewn.
It was also while I was at EMI that I began working with Riot Distributors who looked after a few of the big metal labels for the Australian market.

Returning from a three month European Vacation, I jumped in the deep end with 
Riot and spent the next 6 years helping to elevate it from a distribution company to a full-on force on the industry. We changed the name to Riot Entertainment and with my previous experience at play, began to run it like a label instead of a distributor and things grew and grew. Labels were added, profile was increased and it really became the biggest metal company in the land with over ten international labels under its roof (such as Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Relapse, Victory, Season Of Mist, Frontiers, Peaceville, Earache, SPV, Indie Recordings, Favored Nations, Spinefarm, Metal Is, Sanctuary, Bad Taste, and on and on) and a very impressive local roster which includes bands like Lord, Our Last Enemy, Melody Black, 4Arm, Segression, Shinobi, Universum, Vanishing Point, The Poor and international acts signed direct to Riot like Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Fozzy, Ace Frehley, Fear Factory, Hellyeah, Toto, Pearl Aday, Halford and again, the list goes on.

Working with so many labels, artists, management, promoters and media from all over the world, I've established a respected position within the industry and 
a reputation for getting things done.

I parted ways with Riot in March of 2013 and launched Maric Media. If you're a label who needs help pushing a band on your roster or a tour promoter who needs the PR taken care of, or a self-released and funded band who needs a PR kick in the ass, 
then that’s what I'm here for.

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It's about the Artist, Always….                                                                                                            chris@maricmedia.com.au : +614 1371 5396 : PO Box 274 Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Australia