Burden Man: Shadows Of The Dying Video

Releases Video For Shadows Of The Dying

Sydney musician Justin Finch will release his debut EP under the moniker of Burden Man this Friday, May 27

Burden Man is best described as dark folk. Heavy and crushing but not in a metallic sense. In an emotional one.

While Justin's roots lay in metal and blues, where undoubtedly inspiration is drawn, Burden Man is more aligned with singer/songwriters such as Chelsea WolfeLeonard Cohen and Nick Cave with a much heavier edge.

Weaving relatable tales of sorrow and contemplation of the inevitable with sombre tones to create a unique style of deathly, Dark Folk. 

Watch the striking video for the EP’s title track, Shadows Of The Dying here

Justin says of the song ‘ "Death is to be avoided, yet I will die. The time has not come where I've peace of mind". It is about depression and struggling to come to terms with the fact that a human life is so fleeting and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We're all going to die and nothing will change that. The song was written as a therapy and when I killed myself in the final lines of the Shadows', I felt I could move on. Big thank you to the crew at Black Ovis Culture who really brought out the meaning of the song with their artistic direction and helped the song flourish.'

Coming from the frightening thoughts you have just before you fall asleep and start contemplating what oblivion would in fact mean for your consciousness, 

Burden Man will be the comforting hand you hold as you journey through the darkest places of your own mind. 
Drawing influence from the despair of the human condition he, with his guitar and lone voice, will be your Sherpa through the icy plains of desolation, deep within yourself.

Beginning life as a side project, Burden Man was a cathartic vessel to write about the artists own depression and intense struggle over coming to terms with our eventual death, as an attempt to heal and as a way to move forward.

Long lonely nights and drone like days spent piecing together words and sounds to express these feelings have produced something special. 
Something that will stop you in your tracks when you sit down and withdraw yourself from the world and completely immerse yourself in the music.

Burden Man delivers intimate, heartfelt and brooding melodies that are coupled with melancholic and minimalist rhythm guitar work which has a tonality that both simultaneously nurtures and disturbs you.
These rhythmic stylings fit perfectly with the soulful, ambient and at times, chaotic lead work appearing to imitate varying mental states.

While Burden Man’s black dog currently lays dormant, the ever present reality of it’s possible return keeps the creative fires burning. 

The misery has come to life and the darkness is here to stay.

The Burden Man EP was recorded and mixed by Stevie Knight and mastered by Dave Petrovic at Sydney’s iconic Electric Sun Studios (Thy Art is Murder, COG etc)

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