Deadspace: Release Video For Reflux - New Album Nov 15

Release Music Video For Reflux
The Liquid Sky 
New Album Out November 15

 Perth kings of ambient, depressive black metal, Deadspace will release their second full length album, The Liquid Sky on November 15.

Watch the video for first single, Reflux here 

Listen to it here

Following on from their debut record The Promise Of Oblivion, and 2016’s Gravity EP, The Liquid Sky ascends to greater spheres of consciousness. Heightening the listeners senses beyond just acoustic and emotional investments to something wholly encompassing. The Liquid Sky allows you to be completely immersed in the Deadspace universe. Whether you choose to return is up to you.

The record follows a storyline of someone in combat with themselves. A reality steeped in isolation and a mundane, monotonous existence. In the throws of self destructive behaviour and complete reckless abandon via severe substance addiction and self loathing, one becomes powerless to fate as they find themselves dancing with death and the realisation that their bittersweet ending is nothing more than a system of memories.

The band's unique blend of atmosphere, emotion, hard hitting rock and melodic black metal are all on display throughout The Liquid Sky.

In the live setting, Deadspace continue to confuse, scare, yet entrance audiences across the country. Their chaotic live show will once again be on display nationwide in the not too distant future.

Pre-Orders for The Liquid Sky are available now

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