I Built The Sky: Release Video For Cumulus

Release New Video For Cumulus
Nearly Get Arrested Filming It!

Melbourne progressive instrumental project, I Built The Sky have a brand new video out for the track Cumulus taken from their highly praised album, The Sky Is Not The Limit 

The song has all the hallmarks of a classic IBTS track. Interesting riffs, fast shred and epic inspirational feels.

The guys nearly got arrested while filming the tracks video on (what they thought was) vacant land in a Melbourne suburb!

IBTS mainman Ro Han explains 'Yeah, so we found what looked like abandoned land in Footscray but it turned out to be owned by Melbourne's Metro Trains network!
They saw us filming mid-way through the shoot and approached us in their ute. Three of them jumped out and surrounded us and at that point we thought we were in some serious shit!
As it turns out, they are djent lords themselves! They said "you guys are trespassing but we're happy to let you finish and then get the fuck out” 

Enjoy the video!

 Released on October 30, 2016, The Sky Is Not The Limit quickly gained the support of media in Australia and around the world.

"File it alongside some of the great instrumental rock/metal records of our time" - Heavy Music Magazine
"Go treat yourself to this outstanding album from a guy who can play guitar better than you ever will" - My Indie Australia
"This Album has it all" - The Brag

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