Stormtide: To Release Debut Album Wrath Of An Empire

To Release Debut Album Wrath Of An Empire On August 1

Melbourne symphonic/folk/death metal band, Stormtide will release their debut album, Wrath Of An Empire on August 1 via US label, Metal Hell Records

 Wrath Of An Empire is an intricately
woven, nine part epic tale of ruin, heroism and dark deeds centred around the adventures of the Warrior, the Prince and the Magician.

Watch the official album preview here 

The High Fantasy inspired sextet have been combining Euro metal themes with Asian influences since forming in late 2013.
Releasing the critically acclaimed A Skald’s Tale EP and the highly praised As Two Worlds Collide single and opening for international leaders of the genre including EluveitieFinntroll and Gloryhammer
Stormtide have carved a niche all their own, while spending the better part of three years perfecting their debut album.

With Wrath Of An Empire's huge orchestral movements, crushing guitar riffs, intricate drum work and guttural vocals Stormtide have succeeded in joining epic metal with epic story. Expertly crafting an album that appeals to traditionalists and fans of modern metal genres alike. 
Effortlessly transitioning between blast beat to soul wrenching quiet passages, Wrath Of An Empire is an album without filler songs, without cliches and without mercy!

Stormtide deliver an intense live show involving swords, sorcery and stylish full plate armour!
A national tour in support of Wrath Of An Empire will be announced soon.

1. Wrath of an Empire
2. As Two Worlds Collide
3. Dawnsinger
4. Conquer the Straits
5. Sage of Stars
6. A Heroes Legacy
7. Ride to Ruin
8. Ascension
9. The Green Duck 

Stormtide are:
Reuben Stone - Keyboards/Orchestrations/Vocals
Taylor Stirrat - Vocals
Tyson Richens - Guitars/Vocals
Jake Pickering - Drums
Simon Fragiotta - Bass
Nic Woodhouse - Guitars

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