Birch Tree Water


Looking for a post gig/gym session drink thats not full of sugar as a replacement for all those horrid sports drinks - I am a stockist of this awesome water from Finland. - Check out THIS LINK for more info!

Birch sap water is tapped straight from the trunk of birch trees. During long winters, the tree’s long capillary roots draw artesian water and stores it in the trunk. During the two to first three weeks of spring, the trees are partially tapped of their sap, and then left to regenerate for the following year. 

Our trees are certified organic, certified vegan and non GMO. Our different flavours are pure organic extracts infused into the Original sap.  

Sealand BIRK is a great alternative to high sugar drinks such as sports and energy drinks, fruit juices or soda drinks. It also helps provides you with an isotonic balance via natural micronutrients, electrolytes, minerals and amino acids. 

Sealand BIRK contains natural levels of electrolytes, antioxidants, other minerals and trace elements including calcium, magnesium, sodium, sugar, fructose and xylitol. Xylitol provides the attractive balance of natural sweetness with added health benefits. 

The two key features of xylitol are the low glycemic index and its anti-adhesive effects to reduce oral infections. The natural presence of xylitol in birch juice is a key differentiator to coconut water, which only contains fructose and glucose as its sweeteners.

•  Sustainably harvested in certified organic virgin birch forests
•  Proven Gluten-free, Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly
•  USDA Organic certified
•  European Union ECO CERT certified
•  Low Calorie drink @ 18 Cal per serving, 60 Cal per bottle
•  Contains 99.99% birch sap
•  0% sweetener added

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