I've had the pleasure of working with Chris Maric of Maric Media for a number of years now. I can say confidently that the work he has done has led to a number of great opportunities becoming available for both the band I am a member of and myself as an artist and entertainer. 

When we started Daemon Pyre, we made a unanimous decision to work with a publicist right from the outset. We all agreed that having someone out there, spreading the word about us would help us immensely and also cut down the amount of time it would take to build a fan base. Several of us in the band had worked with Chris in some capacity previously, and we knew that we could develop a strong partnership with him as he provides both 'as-needed' services like major press announcements and release servicing, as well as pro-actively furthers market awareness through his ongoing industry relationship building. 

Thanks to Chris' work, we've achieved a lot in under 3 years, including multiple tours of Australia, a tour of Indonesia, multiple slots supporting international artists and recently signing with Extreme Management Group, working with Matt Young of King Parrot to develop us further. 

I firmly believe that many of the opportunities made available to us and the solid and loyal fan base we are cultivating has been directly impacted by working with Chris and that he helped us to fast track our plans and market brand. 

In addition to this, Chris was integral in helping me to secure another industry role as a Podcast, now Radio Show, Co-Host and Producer for Hysteria Radio. 

I would recommend Chris to any band, artist, entertainer, author or actor who is looking for a one to one partnership with a highly experienced Public Relations and Media Consultant, particularly if you are looking for affordable options without sacrificing quality.  Sam Rilatt: Vocalist for Daemon Pyre / Co-Host & Producer of Hysteria Radio's "Hard Noise" with CJ McMahon & Sam Rilatt

"We've been working with Chris for the last few years and he always has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the hard rock and heavy metal world in Australia. He has been extremely valuable to the campaigns we've worked on together, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning, marketing and connections within the industry.

Matt Young - King Parrot

“ When it comes to publicity and promotion for heavy metal and hard rock in in Australia , Chris Maric is a one stop shop. Whatever this man doesn’t know about promoting and publicising our beloved genres of music in this country, isn’t worth knowing. Chris’ dedication to his craft and knowledge of his trade is second to none. What you see is what you get, no bullshit, just top grade solid hard work and top quality representation of your artists, tours or releases.”
Brad Wesson -
Soundworks Touring

In August 2011, I started the hard rock and metal show ‘Distortion’ on Triple M, and one of the first people I was put in touch with was Chris Maric. He was recommended to me by people in the music industry as a ‘go to’ man for getting the big acts on the show and sourcing the latest tunes.
He’s a ripper bloke with real passion, crazy knowledge and has built a reputation as one of the good guys. Go on, give him a hug.
Higgo - Triple M's Distortion

Anyone who is remotely serious about getting the adequate publicity, coverage and media exposure for any of their music business ventures CANNOT look past Chris Maric. He is the consummate professional. His understanding, reach and industry know how puts your mind at ease and allows you to know that all is covered; this is half the battle in this game."
Nik Petrovwww.rockstarrecordsau.com

It's about the Artist, Always….                                                                                                            chris@maricmedia.com.au : +614 1371 5396 : PO Box 274 Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Australia