Abaddon Incarnate: March 2017

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 One of Ireland’s fastest, most brutal death metal bands ever, Abaddon Incarnate will make their long overdue return to Australia this March!

Last seen on the continent over a decade ago in 2003, the band have teamed up with key independent Australian promoters to book a tour that takes in most capital cities and several regional locations including an appearance at the Such Is Life festival

Formed in Dublin in 1994 out of the ashes of death thrashers, Bereaved, Abaddon Incarnate fast became one of the most noted bands in the underground metal scene.
Evolving from their death roots into a more grindcore direction, the band released several landmark releases including three studio albums, The Last Supper (1999), Nadir (2001) and Dark Crusade (2004) before entering a forced hiatus in that same year.

Re-emerging in 2007 with a renewed line-up, the band toured across the globe, becoming the first Irish metal band to play Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.  The band also released album number four Cascade (2009), and a split EP with Orange County grinders Phobia in 2011

In 2014 Abaddon Incarnate signed to legendary extreme music label Candlelight Records and released their fifth album Pessimist.

Abaddon Incarnate are preparing to decimate the nation when they return. It’s been a very long time between drinks and they can assure you, it won’t take them that long to return again.

Brace yourself for an evening of grinding madness, one that’s been 14 years in the making!

Thursday: March 9: Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Friday: March 10: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday, March 11: Such If Life FestivalRaglan          
Tuesday, March 12: New Globe Theatre, Brisbane
Wednesday, March 15: Tone Town Music, Ipswich
Thursday, March 16: Tatts Hotel, Lismore
Friday, March 17: Urge Records, Wollongong
Saturday, March 18: The Factory (Fuse Box), Sydney

Tickets available for each show at the door


The Abaddon Incarnate 2017 Australian line up is:
Wayne Glass: vocals
Steve Maher - guitar/low vocals
Bill Wehlan: guitar/high vocals
Irene Saragusa: bass/vocals
Johnny King: drums

Abaddon Incarnate: Discography
1995: When The Demons Come - Demo
1997: Promo 97 - Demo
1999: The Last Supper - Season Of Mist
2001: 3 Track Sampler - Demo
2001: Nadir - Sentinel Records
2004: Dark Crusade - Xtreem Music
2009: Cascade - Metal Age Productions
2011: Phobia/Abaddon Incarnate Split EP - Underground Movement
2014: Pessimist - Candlelight Records


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